Event Sponsors


Our goal is to provide an exemplary program for all players that has a passion to be better prepared for college athletic programs. 

Claudette Specs

A mobile and physical optical boutique. Claudette Specs is a family owned and optical legacy vision company.

Archie Cares

Reframing the narrative surrounding mental illness and addiction
by focusing on feelings & facilitating vulnerable conversations. 

Off The Court

Athlete wellness initiative designed to improve the mental health, nutrition and recovery of athletes in their off the court lives.


Wealth Architect

Everything you need to know to protect your financial future. 

Hacked by Nature

Hacked by Nature™ mission is to supply individuals with the tools needed to get in tune and connected with nature.

Psyched Up Success

As a Mental Wellness Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Speaker, I help people tap into the power of their subconscious to get unstuck so they can uplevel.

Texas Christian

College Athletics