Our speakers come from all corners of the country to share their knowledge in this noteworthy conference. Have a look at their bios below to learn more about their backgrounds and the insights you’ll hear from them at our conference. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch.


Kirsten Elise Dunn

Social Entrepreneur

Kirsten uses her adversity to give her a purpose to influence. Kirsten feels in the center core of her purpose participating in the many speaking engagements, uplifting women and training men and women how to become Kingdom Minded Socialprenuers. Kirsten invests an ample amount of time in giving back to children in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Kirsten also visits prisons to testify how life beyond bars can exist without recidivism. She will be speaking on how to scale your business to impact the community around you.

Misty Cogdill

Handwriting Expert

Misty Cogdill is passionate about handwriting. Her Alphabet Alchemy is an intensive program that will change your life. Your handwriting is a graphic representation of your thought patterns and when you change the way you write; you change the neurological patterns in the brain that reflect your self-image. You will learn about the stroke in your handwriting that may be stopping you from success.

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Jodie Solberg

Mental Wellness Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist

Jodie is a Mental Wellness Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist.  She works with purpose driven entrepreneurs who are on a mission to live in their passion and values, so they can create real and lasting change in their lives and businesses. She helps them tap into the power of their subconscious mind to gain the clarity and confidence they need to uplevel. 


She has been working therapeutically for nearly 20 years after earning degrees in both Psychology and Sociology, and started her first business while in graduate school for Clinical Psychology, which is where she first discovered and began practicing Hypnotherapy as well. Jodie’s diverse background working with multiple populations such as teens, parents, addicts and entrepreneurs gives her a unique perspective to help her clients overcome limiting beliefs, break through blocks to progress, and heal past hurts. Her transformative programs build confidence, emotional strength, intelligence and resilience in her clients, and teaches them the importance of self-care so they can go out and give back to create positive changes in the world around them. 

Steve Krivda

Transformation and Business Coach

Steve a man of God, a loving Husband, an incredible Daddy and simply a regular guy with a Passion to make a Direct Impact on The World.

Sparking a 6 year journey of education, including coaching certifications from John Maxwell, Results in Coaching, NLP Life Coaching and Timeline Coaching, Steve decided to leave his 12 year career of a concrete and masonry estimator at the family business, and pursued his dream of Creating Hope.

This Passion to make an Impact, has led Steve to influence thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe, resulting in countless success stories and Creating a Realm of Possibility for people that needs to be seen in order to be believed.

If you’re ready to break through into a Realm where Anything is Possible and step into Your Purpose, then take a walk with Steve on your journey to Unlocking Your Inner Greatness.

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Michael Bridgman

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Bridgman is a serial entrepreneur who believes in helping others unlock their best selves. He comes from beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada and over the last 5 years has gone from trapped business owner to freed entrepreneur. He attributes his achievements over the last 5 years to one fundamental belief; we are the sculptor and the clay in our lives. In the Power of Voice Summit he'll be revealing how you too can take this simple belief and use it to "Re-Forge Your Future.”

Fred Posimo

Even in his early 20’s Fred Posimo has a perspective of the world different than most others. As a martial arts instructor at a young age his mind became infused with philosophies of growth, personal development and self improvement. Today he takes what he’s learned and shares it with the world. Whether Fred is speaking from stage, writing his next book, or streaming a video, he’s always sharing his message: “Make Money & Have Fun!” As an investor, speaker and author in the Philadelphia area Fred Posimo is constantly pursuing daily growth as an individual and always accessible as a friend.


Rahien Williams

Self-Mastery Coach

Rahien Williams is a Self-Mastery Coach. He has helped thousands of people discover their talents and abilities and begin using their gifts to accomplish what they want from life. Rahien's goal is to help a million people become masters their talents and abilities. You will leave with knowledge of discovering, developing, and mastering your natural gifts and abilities to obtain what you want. Make your 24 hours count!

Robyn Gray

After 15 years of traveling the world under the wings of United Airlines, Coach Robyn is the owner of Gray Fit Training a Sports Performance training facility that caters to youth in Dallas, TX. 

Her career includes playing Division 1 basketball at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Semi-professional basketball for the WNBL, Assistant coach at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, CA, and a host of Head High School Varsity Coaching positions throughout Virginia and Texas. She has trained multiple professional NBA, WNBA, Collegiate and US Olympic athletes that are Gold Medal winners. Coach Robyn is an active member of Concord Church, Dallas and serves as a leader on the Mission & Evangelism team where Bryan Carter is her Pastor. 

During COVID Coach Robyn used the pandemic to focus on evolving into developing the purpose God has planned for her life. She is the Co-Author of her recently published book titled Promise, a women’s global devotional and Amazon Best Seller. She founded her own non-profit organization in June of 2020; The Gray Matters Foundation whose mission is to level the playing field for young girls in South Africa with School uniforms, meals and school supplies. Currently, she is focusing on the opening of Elixir which is a state of the art muscle recovery franchise for athletes where she is the only minority owner. 



Motto: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

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Deborah Allen

Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur & Pastor

Deborah Allen is woman of many talents and is a best seller author of multiple books. She’s a speaker who has trained
with Les Brown’s “Power Voice System.” Deborah Allen is also a fierce, dynamic, and powerful woman of God. She currently serves as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church for last twenty-one years. Prophetess Allen also holds the office of Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, L.A.M. Ministries Inc. She’s been ecstatically married to Bishop Glen Allen Sr. over twenty-three years. She is the mother of six children. Millionaire childcare coach, Deborah Allen, RMA, CDA is an entrepreneur at heart. She has successfully owned, operated, and was the director of Little Lights Childcare and Learning Center.

Derrick Hill

Life & Business Coach

A professionally trained and certified Co-Active life and business coach, twenty - year seasoned healthcare and information technology leader, and inspirational author and speaker focused on creating significant value and serving as a transformation catalyst for humanity and organizations. His goal is to transform lives by helping people discover who they are and realize that they are ready to take action to reach their dreams, pursue their passions, and gain a sense of contentment and joy about what they truly want out of life. His mission is to liberate individuals and organizations through inspirational coaching and speaking for discovery of their true, authentic self to live life fully, drive high performance and taking action for extraordinary results.

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Fanie Temi

Fanie TEMI is a Captivating and unforgettable International Motivational Speaker.

Trained By the Legendary LES BROWN, she shared the stage with her mentor LES during the Power Voice Summit last september 12.

Fanie is also an Impactful Leadership Coach who serves Individuals, Companies, Organizations in Finding their Purpose, their Voice and Monetize it.


She is a SWISS passionate entrepreneur based in Geneva-Switzerland;

Founder and CEO of an Online Clotting Company (www.christal-faith.ch) .


Fanie is a certified coach and has 4 Mastermind programs.

1. Mastermind on: How to discover your life purpose

2. mastermind on: How to monetize your Passion, Your Gifts & talents.

2. Mastermind on: Become the CEO of your Mind and get the results you want to see in your life

4. Mastermind on: Build a Permanent Self Confidence & Self esteem



Fanie is Sharing today on the Topic: "YOUR DREAM LIFE IS POSSIBLE"


For Speaking and Coaching Request, contact her via:

website: http://www.fanietemi.com

facebook: faniejtemi

instagram: @fanietemi

Youtube: The Temi's show

website: http://www.christal-faith.ch

Phone Number: +41 77 920 09 09


Archie Messersmith-Bunting

Using dynamism and authenticity, Archie Messersmith-Bunting, or The Feelings Guy™, champions mental health awareness worldwide at corporations and universities. He challenges people to rethink complicated and emotional topics like depression, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction. Through his company ArchieCares, LLC, Messersmith-Bunting aims to reframe the narrative surrounding mental illness and addiction by facilitating honest and vulnerable conversations.


Messersmith-Bunting reaches individuals personally as he openly and honestly shares his own struggle with addiction and clinical depression. He weaves research of top therapists and addiction specialists into his storytelling, allowing audiences to understand the potential for loss and pain.


Last year, Archie transitioned to full-time speaker and consultant providing leadership, mental health and alcohol & drug prevention education at corporations like Solenis and The Job Sauce, and college campuses including Clemson University, Iowa State University and the University of Southern California.


Archie attended Samford University for his Bachelor’s degree and received his Master’s of Science in College & Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University.


James Anastassiades

Hello everyone, my name is James Anastassiades and I am an ex volleyball player at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and currently doing my masters in athletic training. I am a travel enthusiast, adventurer, love mountain biking, snowboarding, going to the beach and improving myself overall as a son, brother, professional, student and athlete.

I used to struggle with my eating and suffered an eating disorder during my last 2 years as an athlete. A lot of it affected my performance and mental health.

My goal through Off The Court Health is to spread awareness, break astigmatisms, educate, and help as many people as possible so you don’t have to go through the struggles of life alone! We are planning to do this by sharing stories, giving tips, and hopefully connecting you with a professional!

Dalton Solbrig

Hello! My name is Dalton Solbrig. I am currently playing volleyball in my second professional season in Lüneburg, Germany, and a University of Hawaii Volleyball Alumn. Outside of volleyball I LOVE everything outdoors, fishing, hiking, beach, etc. and I’ve recently grown passionate about health and fitness and music.

Through my experiences as a pro athlete, from time away from friends and family, injury, pressure to perform and athletic identity I want to change the narrative about mental health.

I aim to get people talking, and create a new culture among athletics as a whole where mental care is an integral part of training regiments, and any athlete can feel comfortable addressing their mental health with teammates, coaches, and professionals.

A. Warren Rough Sponsorship Flyer Image

Antoinne Warren

I am the head men's basketball coach at Texas Christian College Athletics as well as the the founder of New Level Academy Sports Training. My goal is to provide an exemplary program for all players that has a passion to be better prepared for college athletic programs. We strive to provide our teams with high quality experience coaches, who are dedicated to developing players to reach their highest potential both on and off the court.

We believe that college athletics can provide opportunity for some to play at the professional level, but believe education is the key to each player’s success in bettering his/her life. Our coaches desire is to inspire each player in our program to complete their college degree. 

It is the goal of Texas Christian College Athletics to build on year in and year out great development, recruiting, and the promotion of our athletes.

Ashley K. Shift

ASHLEY K SHiFT is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CBD, Crystal & Herb Educator, Mathematician, and Philanthropist. When it comes to success and how to achieve it, some people look to others for guidance or for advice on what worked for them, Ashley K. understands that there’s no need to look any further than within herself.

A native of Orange, New Jersey and a single mother of two, Ashley K. holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Science. She started her career in the academic field as an educator teaching math in the public school system. It wasn’t long before Ashley K. realized that her love for math and her calling to help people would serve a higher purpose and on a much larger scale.


Stepping out on faith, Ashley K. relocated her family from the east coast to Las Vegas, Nevada and within a few months, she was able to start her own company Hacked by Nature as well as open a storefront in the heart of Las Vegas.


In addition to her thriving business Hacked by Nature, Ashley K is a documented multiple 6 figure earner in the Network Marketing Industry leading a massive global team, called Shift The Stigma / Golden Stars. She also continues to utilize her love for humanity and her ability as an educator in Mathematics by leading the I Am the Shift Tour internationally, where she encourages people to step outside their comfort zones to reach their highest potential.



Derrick Love

Dr. Derrick Love is a native of Spencer, Oklahoma. He currently resides in McKinney, Texas and serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Priority Charter Schools in Temple, Texas. In addition, to serving in K-12 public education, Dr. Love teaches for Grand Canyon University Doctoral Studies as Senior Dissertation Chair. He was recently awarded faculty of the year with Argosy University for being an outstanding faculty member and enhancing the lives of students.


He earned an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership, MA in Communication Arts and BA in Psychology. With over the last 18 years, Dr. Love has dedicated his service in developing, shaping, and promoting academic excellence in different educational enterprises private, public, and charter sectors.

Dr. Love, published a book entitled “The Unfinished Journey” and the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles. He continues to work on the behalf of students and organizational change to create lifelong learners. Dr. Love has been a part of several school turnaround initiatives as the instructional leader. Through his leadership the campuses were turned around and met and exceed state standards.


Cami Baker

HGTV House Hunter Veteran, Top 5% Realtor, Author of the award winning “Mingle to Millions” and Cause Marketing Campaign Strategist. Cami Baker has excelled in real estate, lead generation,hosting networking events, public speaking and partnering for profits with nonprofits for almost two decades. Her unique ability to see opportunity and create cash flow for her clients, has lead to the ultimate “Make Money Making a Difference” WIN WIN WIN of a lifetime!

There is a Secret Real Estate Niche that is Funding Nonprofits by the Billions.

Dr. Liz DuBois

Dr. Liz DuBois (PhD, Conflict Resolution) is an executive coach and Akashic Records Healer. Through one-on-one and group coaching, she helps clients establish a deep relationship with their own inner knowing and inner truth of how it is that they are here to change the world. From the space, her clients have gone on to establish million-dollar+ businesses, be featured in publications including Bustle and Forbes, sell tens of thousands of dollars of products and programs within hours of their first sessions, and go on to be profoundly transformative world-changing leaders.


Her work with The Milo Foundation, a cancer foundation will help young adult cancer patient, builds on Dr. DuBois’ extensive experience in the non-profit sector. Over the course of her career, Dr. DuBois has served in executive leadership of numerous NGOs and has been a consultant to organizations including the UNICEF and USAID on a range of issues related to educational equity, gender-based violence, and women’s empowerment. Between 2016 and 2018, Elizabeth was instrumental in the passage of three pieces of legislation related to education and civil rights in Maryland. In 2017, Elizabeth played a key role coalescing community advocates to secure an unprecedented $100M commitment from state and local legislators to fund a massive budget gap that jeopardized over 1,000 teacher jobs within Baltimore City Public Schools.


Dr. DuBois is a co-founder of the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict at George Mason University, where she served as the founding Executive Director from 2013-2015. Now in its ninth year, the Center has spurred research and dialogue on gender-based violence in countries across the globe through events, conferences, and courses. Dr. DuBois has conducted her own research on gender-based violence in the U.S., Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Russian Federation. She was a US Department of Education Fellow at the Faculty of Sociology at National Research University— Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia in 2012. Dr. DuBois’ work has been published in numerous trade outlets, as well as peer-reviewed publications including Advances in Gender Research, Empowerment in Practice: Strategies and Outcomes, and Women’s Political Leadership Monograph. Her book, Dear White Parents: Uncomfortable Reflections on Race, Parenting, and Privilege, will be available at Politics and Prose in fall 2021.

Dr. Liz DuBois Headshot - Elizabeth DuBo