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Business 4 Social Change we are all about supporting the people that are supporting our communities and existence presently. Presently we are emerging slowly from the pandemic. As travel is starting to open back up it is diving up the prices for short term rentals for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Employees. This community is made up of traveling social advocates and business men & women, Travel nurses, doctors and first responders ect. We have an entire list of employees and entrepreneurs that travel in order to help better the communities we reside in. 

With B4SC Home we have 70% of our STR Rentals that are set for Short Term Rental Guests. We use 30% of the profit from these rentals in order to provide deeply discounted or free Short Term Rentals for the Social Entrepreneurs and employees (NEED A GRAPHIC).We have a long way to go before we become stabilized again, so we are supporting our front line by making sure they can continue to do their jobs. 

Book your vacation rental today. www.b4schome.com