"It was May of 2020."

"I had just gotten in from going on my third walk for the day. We were still in full lockdown due to Covid. I plopped on my sofa and decided to watch a little T.V.. The image that came across the screen rattled my entire being. I literally began shaking watching as Officer Derrick Chauvin kneeled with his Knee on the neck of George Floyd. In this Video George cried out "I Can't Breathe". He even asked for his mother. With tears rolling down my face I sat on that sofa for what felt like minutes, but was actually hours and cried. I cried because I am tired of seeing beautiful black and brown people legally murdered. Botham Jean, an African Lucian young man was literally killed on his sofa eating Ice Cream by a White police officer in Dallas Texas. This officer who was sworn to protect and serve took an innocent life and was only given 10 years for this crime. Breyona Taylor, Treyvon Martin, Sandra Bland the list goes on. I sat on that sofa and cried because I felt hunted by society simply because of the color of my skin. I sat on that sofa and cried because I am raising 3 black kings. They are not a shooting target for racist police officers, they are Black kings. For this reason alone I cried. 

I heard Abraham (Esther) Hick's voice in my head telling me to take a nap. So I complied; I went to lay down and take a nap.


That 45-minute nap turned into a Movement that is revolutionizing Business as usual. Business 4 Social Change is the vision that was given the awakening from my nap. The Why Behind this vision is simple. Businesses need to scale, grow and give. 

Over the course of a year the vision has developed into a Business 4 Social Change Certification program for businesses to learn exactly how to properly structure their business for a give back. B4SC Home which is Short Term Rental units available for traveling Conscious capitalist workforce. A United States wide speaking tour. We are not stopping here. America is healing. Business 4 Social Change is the healing balm encouraging and creating the necessary healing. 


Kirsten Elise Dunn 

Founder of Business 4 Social Change